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Gift Idea Lite - Wish List app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 1472 ratings )
Reference Productivity Utilities
Developer: digitalsirup GmbH
Current version: 3.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 03 Aug 2008
App size: 7.06 Mb

Gift Idea enables you to gather different kinds of presents designed for your loved ones. You can then choose a proper gift from the range of articles collected throughout the year for birthday, christmas or any other events.

Once you have discovered a suitable item whilst doing your shoppings, just use your iphone and launch Gift Idea to take a photo of it. After that you can assign the photographed object to any person listed in your addressbook. In case the persons birthday is known you will see how many days are left.

By using Gift Idea you will never again experience the embarrassing moments of not knowing what to present.

Latest reviews of Gift Idea Lite - Wish List app for iPhone and iPad

great idea, good execution
One June I was window-shopping with my sister, and she was ooh-ing and ah-ing over a book, so I scribbled a note to remember to buy it for her for Xmas. I still havent found that note, years later, or bought her the book, because I dont remember the title. So I am very happy to have this app, and it is really the sort of app I want to carry in my pocket. Sure, I could do this in Notes, but attaching the photos and keeping the ideas sorted is very convenient. Installation was fine, app is easy to use, screenshots pretty much show the whole thing--you enter a title, attach a contact, and either take a new pic or use an existing pic (which is nice, you can snap a quick pic and enter stuff later). The app acts as promised, quite well. Slight glitch or perhaps feature--when I tried to not select a person, it automatically used the last person I had chosen. Some feature requests for the developer--it would be nice to add notes to each entry, say, maybe note the website where I can buy the gift. Listing the contacts by last name, when I have them by first name everywhere else, is a bit disconcerting. Id rather have the Person Name be big and bold, and the Gift Idea smaller, so that I can quickly skim and see my options for "Mom."
A great concept that doesnt deliver in a user friendly way
Its clunky, confusing and disappointing... The concept was very very appealing too me... Use notes and save the money!
Only works with contacts
This is good if you want to add only gifts for people in your contact list. Id like to be able to add gifts for people not in my contacts like my kids. Also a note field would be nice to be able to add stores, info about preferred options, etc. Overall, very easy to use.
It looks like people didnt put much effort in this application and it shows!
This was a pretty good. It is very easy to use, very simple. But it should have a way that you can select other occasions to write down a gift such as an anniversary or a holiday.
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